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Hubei Dongrun group tourism development training camp held in the spring of 2017

2017/4/28      view:

        April 15th, organized by the group's 2017 spring tourism development camp in Xiangyang City, Taiping District, Song Village, Song Village, held a grand opening ceremony. Outdoor development is a group of staff activities to enhance team cohesion. The expansion through the game, expand, picnic, picking and other forms of strengthening the construction of the company's staff, enhance mutual cooperation and exchanges. But the weekend time set also greatly facilitate the participation of employees and their families, through participation in activities in the family and colleagues Dongrun group corporate culture, in order to better understand and support staff.          

        Many of the staff of the love in the form of group diversity, more systematic training and training mechanism of talents, through all the people together Dongrun group development will be on the upgrade!